Pennsylvania Program Has Saved 310,000 Babies From Abortion Over 25 Years

When you visit the Real Alternatives headquarters outside of Harrisburg, you’re not going to find case-workers and pregnant women looking for help. But the work that is done here makes it possible for those two groups of people to meet each other and have that potentially life-saving assistance provided. Continue Reading. Originally written by Real […]

Abortions in Pa. down to all-time low, thanks to Real Alternatives

There is encouraging news for Catholics as far as abortion goes. The number of abortions performed in Pennsylvania during 2017 was the lowest number ever recorded — just over 30,000. It’s a decrease of 870 from the prior year and way down from the all-time recorded high of nearly 66,000 in 1980. That news was […]

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About Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives exists to provide life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support  services throughout the nation.  These compassionate support services empower women to protect their reproductive health, avoid crisis pregnancies, choose childbirth rather than abortion, receive adoption education, and improve parenting skills. Real Alternatives is the non-profit, charitable organization that  administers the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services… Continue Reading

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