Pro-life nonprofit helps Indiana cut abortion rate

Also celebrates 25 years serving Pennsylvania taxpayers, helping over 320,000 clients By Kyle Huckins, Contributor Follow | Saturday, November 07, 2020 Real Alternatives, a prolife nonprofit, is celebrating six years giving “life-affirming” aid through its state government program In Indiana that’s helped cut the number of abortions there. RA is also marking 25 years serving… Continue Reading

Indiana’s Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program celebrates serving 72,000 women and lowering abortions

Wesley Tingey/Unsplash Standard Newswire: In 2019, the Indiana Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program provided life-affirming counseling, mentoring and support services to 16,385 women. That same calendar year, the Indiana State Department of Health reported resident abortions dropped 3.4% to 7,013. The life-affirming taxpayer-funded program, started during Governor Pence’s administration, continues through Governor Holcomb’s administration with… Continue Reading

Pro-Life org demonstrates effectiveness in partnering with state govt to get pregnancy help work done.

If you are providing life-saving services to families in need and are not getting taxpayer funding, why not? Real Alternatives recently celebrated 25 years of serving 322,813 clients through 1,888,825 client visits in Pennsylvania. As the statewide administrator for Pennsylvania’s Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program, Real Alternatives assisted those 300-thousand-plus Pennsylvania residents via public funding.… Continue Reading

A Real Alternative to Planned Parenthood

The nonprofit behind an Indiana Department of Health Services program for parents andexpectant mothers is celebrating six years serving Hoosiers and an 8% decrease in the stateabortion rate during that period. It’s also marking a busy quarter-century helping Pennsylvanianschoose life. Source:, November 15, 2020 By Rod Anderson Continue Reading

Abortions in Pa. down to all-time low, thanks to Real Alternatives

Abortions in Pa. down to all-time low, thanks to Real Alternatives

There is encouraging news for Catholics as far as abortion goes. The number of abortions performed in Pennsylvania during 2017 was the lowest number ever recorded — just over 30,000. It’s a decrease of 870 from the prior year and way down from the all-time recorded high of nearly 66,000 in 1980. That news was… Continue Reading

Our programs are funded by the State of Indiana and privately by the citizens of Pennsylvania. We have been serving women with unexpected pregnancies since 1996 by  providing pregnancy and parenting support services.  We do not provide or refer for abortion. Outside IN call 1-800-848-LOVE.


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