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An unplanned pregnancy is a hard thing to face. There are so many decisions to make and questions to answer. Those around you might want things “back to normal,” like it never happened. And you might think it would be great to just be “not pregnant” again. But the truth is that nothing will ever change the fact that you were pregnant.

Don’t cheat yourself. Take charge of what happens this time and decide what is best for you—best for you now and for the rest of your life. You have choices to make and each choice has its own consequences. Friends and family will have opinions and offer advice, but only you can choose what is right. Only you have to live with your decision. Rushing into important decisions is usually not a smart idea.

Support is available. You are not alone. We care about you and your future. We can provide support for you every step of the way, without judging you or telling you what to do. We are a non-profit organization funded by the Indiana Department of Health and the citizens of Pennsylvania. We’re committed to assisting women in unplanned pregnancies by providing compassionate and practical support and alternative-to-abortion services. Whether our counselors have personally been through this experience or have helped others through it, they are ready to support you.

Whatever you need—there is help. Maybe you want someone with you to tell your parents or boyfriend. Maybe someone can help you stay in school or get a job, or help you find baby food or furniture. Or, maybe you just need someone to talk to and listen to you. Whatever you need, we’ll be there.

We Provide

  • Confidential counseling and mentoring
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere of understanding and support
  • Clothing, food, and furniture pantries
  • Temporary shelter
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting classes
  • Referrals to other community agencies and medical resources
  • Adoption information
  • Other related services necessary for the well-being of the mother and child

“The Miracle of Life”

Real Alternatives exists to provide life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support  services throughout the nation.  These compassionate support services empower women to protect their reproductive health, avoid crisis pregnancies, choose childbirth rather than abortion, receive adoption education, and improve parenting skills.

Real Alternatives is the non-profit, charitable organization that  administers the Indiana Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program©. The State of Indiana in FY 2023/2024 funds its program at $3.5 million plus $2 million of Special Session funding through the Indiana Department of Health.

The Indiana Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program© are made up of a statewide network of social service agencies,  pregnancy support centers, maternity residences and adoption agencies that offer comprehensive, life-affirming alternatives to abortion to women dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

Service Providers with their 32 centers in Indiana are staffed with fully trained, caring, and compassionate counselors. These Service Providers are non-discriminatory, non-profit organizations that are monitored annually to ensure compliance with the IN Department of Health standards.

More than 112,000 in Indiana have been served since the program began in 2014. Through their counselors, the centers offer free and confidential support, encouragement, guidance and practical assistance to women so they do not need to choose abortion.

In The News

  • Real Alternatives has once again earned Guidestar’s Gold Seal of Transparency! A Gold seal denotes a higher level of transparency, including comprehensive details about finances, Board of Directors, staff and overall demographics.
  • Real Alternatives had earned the Seal of Excellence for successfully completing the Standards of Excellence recertification program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) in 2012. This recertification again identifies Real Alternatives as an ethical and accountable organization dedicated to the highest level of excellence within the nonprofit sector. Read more..
  • Real Alternatives Finalist – 5th Annual Non-Profit Innovation Award Read more…
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Our programs are funded by the State of Indiana and privately by the citizens of Pennsylvania. We have been serving women with unexpected pregnancies since 1996 by  providing pregnancy and parenting support services.  We do not provide or refer for abortion. Outside IN call 1-800-848-LOVE.


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